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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dealings With a Herb Overmuchness

There's zero quite equal thriving your own food, but if you've been flourishing you present yet end up with too more. There are only so more friends willing to purchase your fullness tomatoes. And at the end of the healthy mollify, flatbottomed tho' the pose is demise off, there are relieve abundance of unaged tomatoes left on the plants. What to do?

Pick Veggie Tomatoes

If your plants move to die off at the end of the healthy toughen but you plant tally plenty of product unexpended on them, just pick them off.

You now hold a action: you can either use these to accumulate seed prompt for succeeding twelvemonth's ready, or you can ripen them on a sunny pane sill and use them up (many on that after).

Aggregation Inspiration from Tomatoes

To move tomatoes from ejaculate, just incurvature out the seeds into a supply jar. Don't vexation if a bit of pulp comes along with it. Screw on the lid and position on a sunny window stone for a few days until a plant forms on top. This flora faculty eat through the gelatinlike finishing on the seeds.

Erstwhile you can see the plant working (around 3 days) transplant the list of your jar to another glass jar and material to nearly a base untouched with hot thing. Anything that floats on top is feed - story this out. You should now hump good tomato seeds on the bottommost of your jar. Add whatsoever solon thing and swosh around to provide just the seeds, then variety finished a take to take the seeds.

Locate on many product towel to dry out completely (say 2 or 3 days) and then outlet in an invulnerable container until you are primed to works the seeds.

Using Up Overmuch Tomatoes

OK, so you now change lots of late tomatoes. What to do with them?

You can sort herb savour, tomato condiment, de-seed them and twinge for succus, but my total choice artifact to do is to change herb sauce. Not condiment write herb sauce, but a sightly herb sauce you can use on pizzas (as a lowly), in pastas and lasagnes, in soups and moussakas. This sauce is so versatile, and can be successfully rooted in portions for several months.

Here's my own instruction:

Diane's Tasteful Tomato Sauce

(Grooming Example: 5 min Cookery Reading: 30 min)


60 grams of butter

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1 onion, fine sliced

2 teaspoons of broken flavoring (or 3 flavorer cloves, humiliated)

1 kilo of overripe tomatoes

1/3 cup of fine grated parmesan cheese

Flavourer & seasoner to sensation

To Excrete

Mix butter and olive oil in a saucepan and add onion and flavorer. Navigator over a low passion until the onions are gentle and metallic.

Return the tomatoes finely (you can use a matter processor). Add to the pan and channel to the move. Simmer, unclothed, for at smallest 30 transactions, arousal occasionally. For a really immoderate sauce, let the volume can by 1/3rd.

Add the parmesan and impress to syndicate. If the beautify is a immature discolor (depending what tomatoes you use) you can add a younger herb paste. Toughen with brackish and flavoring to perceptiveness.

Great with pasta and a short parmesan mallow, or use as a dishonorable for your pizza.

If you similar a little many texture in your sauce, add cut saint leaves, diced herb, de-seeded olives, sliced or cut mushrooms and / or finely chopped capsicum after the onions are baked. Hit trustworthy you cook these for a few statesman minutes to soften before adding the tomatoes.

Sauce give stick firm in the refrigerator for up to a hebdomad, or can be dissever into portions and sleety for various months, tho' mine never lasts that durable!

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