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Saturday, July 28, 2018


When Meat Is Forgotten There Should Be Other Food with Protein. When This  Is Considered People Should Not Eat on Vegetables. There Are No of Sources You Can Get Protein.

Raw Chili and   Cheese.


            Shredded cheddar cheese                   10 cup

            Cottage cheese (low fat)                     2 cups

            Full boiled eggs                                  10

            Diced green chili                                 1 cups

            Flour (all purpose)                              ½ cup

            Melted butter                                      ¼ cup

            Baking powder                                   ¾ teaspoons

            Salt                                                      1 pinch 

Take a large bowl and put eggs (without yolk) flour salt and cottage cheese, cheddar chasse chili peppers and melted butter into the above bowl. Then the pour the mixture 13 x 9 baking dish which is lightly greased. Then keep this in a 400 F0 preheated oven for 15 minutes. Taking down the heat up to 300F, keep baking for other minutes when cooled cut they’re into squares.    

Veggie   Omelet for breakfast.


                  Chopped green bell pepper                1

                  Full boiled eggs                                 4

                  Chopped onion                                  1

                  Butter                                                 tablespoons 2

                  Milk                                                   tablespoons 2

                  Shredded Swiss Cheese                     ¼ cup

                  Salt                                                    ¾ tablespoon

                  Ground black pepper                        1/8 tablespoon 

Firstly, Remove the Yolk of The Eggs and Chop. Then on A Skillet with Medium Heat Melt ¾ Tablespoon Butter, Them Cook Bell Pepper, Onion till It Becomes Tender. For 5 Minutes Put All to A Bowl Put Enough Salt. Take A Separate Bowl and Put Eggs (White), Milk, Black Pepper and Remaining Salt and Mix Well. Melt the Remaining Butter in The Skillet (Medium Heated) And Put the Egg Mixture on To the Skillet Then Cook Until the Mixture Becomes. 

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